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"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?"

Life is made of little things…

  • The ability of Thought

  • The art of Innovation

  • The creation of Positive Energy

  • The cheer of Optimism

  • The power of Motivation

  • The spirit of Team Work

  • The will to Succeed

Our activities help our staff in discovering who they are, what they want to be, what they want to do with their lives thus paving the way to happiness, contentment and making them complete individuals in the process.

Benchmark values the qualities that individuals need to make the most of their lives and help them realize their potential and follow their dreams… these are the little things that we give our employees to help them excel in their lives.


Benchmark believes that it's not only personal growth but the growth of everyone around that brings sheer joy and makes our planet in Leibniz's words "the best of all possible worlds". This ethical perspective has cradled to a community called B’Heartz.

B’Heartz focuses on education, health and social welfare, and civic causes where we strive to bring long term benefit to the world around us. B’Heartz is funded and managed entirely by Benchmark staff. Our service embraces contribution (monetary and non monetary) to several organizations where help rarely knocks their door.

The utilization of the collective communion of volunteers for A NOBLE CAUSE remains the motto of B’Heartz thus adding more meaning to the phrase “Charity together with love and care”. The thrust is to bring people together at Benchmark as a family and give one's best in service.

There are miles to go before we sleep…Join the march; together we can help bring sunshine into the lives of as many as we can.


Benchmark’s activities beyond business do not merely encompass Corporate Social Responsibility but also activities that bolster the spirit of unity and motivate employees.

One such event is B’Fiesta - a day of rest, relaxation, and fun wherein our hardworking employees are allowed to take a break from their routine to bond with one another. The day marks camaraderie, happiness, joy and plenty of energy with challenging and thought provoking brain teasers, jokes, interactive games, team building exercises, music, dance and food.

The event organized by in-house staff, crafts a culture of supporting individual creativity and promoting unity at the workplace. It also brings into light the hidden organizational capabilities of our resources.

B’Fiesta is structured at giving more freedom to young talent by creating an opportunity to grow within the organization. Through such activities, Benchmark aims to nurture and motivate young talent to meet emerging challenges.

The event has in turn sown the seeds of fellow feeling and compassion at work place, envisioning a better future and remaining exemplary in our stance.

Fun at Work

Various informal events like quizzes, mono acting, dumb charades and other team building activities are held in-house to spread the spirit of motivation and unity. Pre-event hype, auditions and prizes create excitement in the air, raising the spirit of employees. Further, there is immense fun and joy involved as the event is organized and carried out in-house.

Open House

An Open House meeting with the CEO is held on a periodical basis, giving an opportunity for the employees to voice their questions and ideas on business scenarios, trends in vogue and the company’s present performance and future plans.

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