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The transportation industry has come a long way through the centuries starting from the days of spice trade. Employing millions of workers, it encompasses all those businesses that move people or goods, by land, sea, or air, from one point to another. The industry has two types of specialization: companies that move goods (freight and shipping companies) and companies that move people (passenger transportation companies).

The global transportation business environment is becoming increasingly more complex considering the intensely competitive market, the rising costs for fuel, security measures and the inevitable industry wide shakedown itself.

However, the major factor which is driving growth in this industry is "technology". As organizations re-evaluate and prioritize core competencies, they are looking for technology partners who can deliver value particularly in areas such as logistics planning for on-time delivery, electronic cargo tracking, enhanced security, route management, cost reduction (particularly for airlines) among other areas.

What we have done...

Benchmark has served clients both in the passenger airlines and shipping companies with cargo businesses with solutions ranging from travel portal, booking engine, billing settlement plan, frequent flyer programs and enterprise solutions. These solutions have helped our clients to better align their business objectives with IT initiatives. This has also enabled them to reach out to their consumers by understanding their needs and using information technology to service them better.

What we can also do...

In addition to the above and guided by our team of domain experts, Benchmark also offers the following solutions:

  • Route Profitability Management

  • Decision Support Systems

  • Cargo Revenue Management

  • E-ticketing

  • Security Solutions (RFID, wireless and mobile radio applications for cargo tracking)

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Warehousing & Distribution

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