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Beginning from information sharing to managing online transactions, organisations are facing a need for constant availability of applications. The applications need to be monitored and maintained to perform at their peak capacity and avoid any downtimes while enabling to take split second decisions in the business.

Realising the importance of streamlining these important applications, Benchmark Softec deploys best practices in application maintenance through proven tools and processes. We ensure our customers safety of investment in their IT applications and their alignment to business processes.

Outsourcing the complete or specific application maintenance functions to us provides the benefit of cost savings and maximising return on investment (ROI). We ensure your investment in IT applications is safe and aligns perfectly with your business processes through all the transitions that constantly occur. This is proven by our competency in improving productivity year-on-year across projects we have executed.

Benchmark Softec creates business value through application maintenance services that drive performance leading to increased productivity for your business. Our services include:

  • Regular activities to rectify minimise or prevent defects in the supported software from being available and performing in controlled environments.
    Eg: preventive maintenance, data management and security, helpdesk operations, configuration management, capacity management

  • Application enhancement, application development to undertake developments on the existing software

  • Knowledge management, standards and methodologies management, training

Value Proposition

  • Alignment of solutions with business requirements

  • Improved employee productivity

  • Reduced overall IT costs

  • Improved overall application maintenance efficiency

  • Improved overall quality of services provided by the application

  • Improved overall quality of IT service planning

Application maintenance framework

  • Planning and diagnostics - selecting the right applications and functions to outsource and risk mitigation strategy for the same; also includes planning the offshore/near shore development centre infrastructure, communication, knowledge acquisition, reporting during the steady state phase

  • Knowledge acquisition and transition - defined deliverables and check points which ensure smooth transfer leading to successful application maintenance

  • Steady state: implement standard maintenance/development models as prescribed in Quality system; SLAs are continuously monitored and adhered to in this phase

  • Transformation - productivity improvement tools are leveraged to deliver productivity, enhanced application functionality and increased ease of maintenance.

Help Desk

Benchmark’s Help-Desk acts as the Central database of client details and resolution tools thus providing a structured workflow for all helpdesk activities. Benchmark’s service delivery model provides seamless support to customers; the model also provides significant cost advantage and scalability to the client including the following:

  • Dedicated resource to provide Level 1 support through e-mail, chat and voice during regular working hours of the client

  • 24/7/365 support to the client

  • Technical Support for the end-users with assistance, information and education to maximize and promote the use of technology in business.

  • End-user support will take on several shapes and forms depending upon the size and needs of any given business. The Help Desk is a traditional structure for technical support and software assistance, typically provided via email. The Help Desk may be supplemented by on-site support assistance from roving technicians, who can provide both technical support and "break/fix" PC maintenance at additional cost. Training and education may also be provided as part of end-user support programs, including self-help systems that allow end-users to search online databases for help and assistance. The choices are wide and varied, but actual support programs will depend upon organizational requirements and resource capabilities.

Help Desk Service

Benchmark will provide e-mail/phone/chat support for their clients during their regular working hours from Monday through Friday. Additional hours of support required on a 24x7x365 may also be provided if required by the client.

The Help Desk serves as a central Knowledge Base for clients, enabling access to on-line helpdesk history and resolution tools for "self-help". Further, automated escalation tools help in providing timely support and in the process provide structured workflow for all helpdesk activities.

Benchmark as a strategic IT partner of AI will undertake the following maintenance activities:

  • Maintenance and checks to ensure smooth operation and continuity of service

  • Optimization of services through process review and modification

  • Planning and development of improvements, upgrades and patch implementations

  • Modifications and enhancements of services to improve functionality

  • Disaster Recovery & Planning

  • Innovation and Development of Oracle services
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