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Conducive work environment plays a pivotal role in the making of successful individuals in an organization. In Benchmark, this is best described by the amity that every individual shares with one another. Committed to Excellence, following are the facets that shape and strengthen our Work Culture.

Open Culture

At Benchmark, we believe that openness and trust will bring out the best in everyone. The approach to organizational levels is kept simple and this aids in receiving timely support from the right people. Our open-door policy where anyone can approach the CEO or the Managers and Team Leaders for a discussion has created a sense of belonging to a large family. This encourages our employees in channelising their creativity in sync with business needs.

Knowledge Creation & Sharing

As a knowledge leader, we are constantly engaged in updating and sharing latest technological happenings in the sector through various Small Group Activities (SGA). This includes a Technology Consulting Division (TCD) engaged in research on the latest technologies and tools, the knowledge of which is shared with others in the company through regular mailers.

Also, stressing the importance of Quality and creating awareness on its processes, fortnightly mailers titled “Q-Chain” are published in-house. Employees are encouraged to participate and contribute articles to the flier. They are rewarded for their creativity through prizes and certificates.


Benchmark faces the challenges of time and technology in an effective way by striking the right balance between work and play. Various motivational programs, seminars, games and outings are organized to spread exuberance in the individuals, enabling them to work with increased efficiency.


We have an amicable work environment, which has led to easy interaction among the individuals and performance to the best of their abilities. Working together in a cordial way has gone a great length in building Camaraderie and this has rendered Benchmark a name to reckon with.


Benchmark believes that every individual in the organization has a substantial role to play and therefore needs to be motivated at all times. We encourage employees to choose their own Mentors in the organization, who in turn help in bringing out the talent and shape the overall personality of each individual.

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