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Every organisation looks forward to scalable, secure and stable data warehouses (for business management and operations) with the ability to optimise storage and retrieval of complex sets of data. Business intelligence systems transform an organisation's ability to convert raw data into information that makes online multidimensional transaction and analytical processing possible. Data warehousing (DW) and business intelligence (BI) operations together enable organisations to base crucial business decisions on actual data analyses.

Benchmark Softec’s Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence services provide organisations with direct access to information analytics that will help in quick response to emergent business opportunities and rapidly changing market trends. As an end-to-end service provider, Benchmark Softec also offers specialised Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence services like ERP analytics, CRM data warehouse, E-business intelligence


  • Preparing business cases for BI&DW
  • Business & information analysis
  • Preparing BI&DW solution framework
  • Arriving at roadmap for implementation
  • BI&DW project management


  • Data acquisition from different legacy systems on various platforms
  • Data modelling
  • ETL architecture
  • Metadata architecture and management
  • Security architecture


  • Design and build of physical databases with appropriate disaster recovery plans in place
  • Data mining - data cleaning, ETL, visualization and enabling data access
  • Domain – specific data mining tool selection and creation of reporting environments
  • Feature-rich reporting environments
  • Multi-dimensional analysis across various types of data warehouses


Data warehouse administration, maintenance and support activities

  • Capacity planning
  • Data warehouse audit
  • Performance tuning

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