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Our Process Risk Management Services include:

  • Conducting process risk assessments. Using our technical skills, we work with you to identify and quantify your process risks.

  • Identifying operability problems and associated process hazards. We assess existing Process Risk Management programs, identify where improvements can be made and offer hazard management enhancements.

  • Evaluating public liability exposure utilizing computer software. We develop offsite consequence analyses for potential releases of specific materials from your operations.

  • Conducting assessments to identify and quantify major process hazards. We review process operations and maintenance to evaluate your exposure and offer practical solutions to correct identified weaknesses.

  • Reviewing management and operating systems issues that affect the continuity of operations. We evaluate your programs, addressing: training, operating procedures, equipment specifications, maintenance, and management of change.

  • Reviewing regulatory compliance. We audit your process management programs for compliance with applicable regulations and industry best practices.


  • Improved productivity

  • Improved continuity of operations by reducing forced outages and downtime

  • Reduced potential for catastrophic losses

  • Reduced exposure to negligence and public liability lawsuits

  • Improved company image

  • Reduced exposure to fines or penalties resulting from regulatory citations

  • Reduced liability exposure for directors and officers of the company

  • Improved (safer) working environment

  • Reduced uninsured losses

  • Reduced insurance and risk-financing costs

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