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Benchmark Softec Infrastructure Management is focused on addressing the growing demand for the cost-effective management of technology infrastructure across geographically dispersed locations. Our IM model enables customer organizations to achieve superior infrastructure performance and significantly reduced costs.

The model is based on a collaborative approach to outsourcing by defining it as an activity of partnership between the client and the service provider where the client retains the strategic portion of the operations like technology refresh, policy definition and architecture issues, control of strategy enunciation etc. ---- and the service provider takes over the day to day running of operations and other areas as defined by the client.

Benefits of Benchmark Softec Infrastructure Management Services

  • Flexibility

  • Quality and Process Edge

  • Methodologies (e.g. Risk-free transitions)

  • Integrated Services

  • Domain Expertise and dedicated skill-sets

  • Transparency

  • Visibility and Control

  • Proactive Problem Solution

  • SLAs and Best Practices

  • Continuous improvement

Enterprises are constantly innovating to provide better services at faster pace. This requires pervasive use of IT for better business results. While IT provides the agility that business requires, it also opens the environment to a number of new risks. More and more businesses are seeking continual and holistic mitigation of IT risks to better leverage their IT investment. Existing vendor offering for security management does not address this challenge. Benchmark’s unique blend of remote and onsite Managed Risk Services (M R S) provides continuous assurance from security risks.

Security Offerings

Our Managed Risk Services addresses system risks in a holistic manner and manages risks on an operational basis. We manage and reduce risks in all aspects of IT and business processes around IT. We set up the processes, tools and provide skill set for security management.

The offering includes:

  • Designing a baseline security level for assets

  • Driving the implementation of baseline security and then certify assets

  • Continuous monitoring to ensure that the baseline is maintained

  • Continuous improvement to tackle evolving threats and vulnerabilities

  • Training and awareness to reduce errors/omissions

  • Online security dash board based report to the organization on risk status

Value Proposition

  • Providing updated information to keep staff aware on new risks and what to do about them

  • Helping staff recognize and respond appropriately to real and potential security concerns

  • Reducing systems' costs by allowing control measures to be designed into systems rather than adding them to installed systems

  • Providing savings through coordination and measurement of all security awareness and training while reducing duplication of efforts

  • Improving overall compliance with the organization's information security policies, procedures, standards, and checklists

  • Demonstrating management's commitment to secure information resources

Corporate Overview
Process Methodology
Delivery Model
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