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Agility is the key word for growth and stability especially in making critical business decisions and alignment of IT to business objectives. Enterprises look forward to partnering with the right company to plan and support the next step towards business growth and to achieve targets on time.

Benchmark’s knowledge, ability and in-depth experience across domains provide customers with Strategy consulting services to drive their business forward. After thorough understanding of customer requirements, Benchmark builds a roadmap defining the strategy of planning, implementation and execution of a project.

(i). Enterprise Architecture – Design and Optimisation

Key to real-time success lies in clear definition of business processes. Real-timing sloppy or poorly understood processes will work no better than implementing enterprise systems without prior planning. Meticulously engineered real-time processes will produce little benefit unless leaders understand cultural dynamics to the adoption and use of real time. The competitive edge will go to those who master organizational psychology and other soft skills both within the enterprise and as applied to data flows to and from others in the extended enterprise.

Executives should consider which aspects of their business would benefit most from real time. Smart strategy means understanding what business you are in, exactly how your processes work, where the incentives lie, and which real-timed processes would contribute most to success.

Benchmark Softec – overview

Rather than duplicating existing systems or creating a new, heavy layer of infrastructure for Global Data Synchronization, Benchmark focuses its efforts on leveraging existing IT resources and systems to enable real-time data integration. This can be accomplished by utilizing a “data-centric” RTE architecture as the basis of the integration platform to enable the real-time capture and delivery of high volumes of data throughout the enterprise.

Benchmark’s Business Transformation Services will help customers improve their business performance by designing and implementing strategically aligned organizational, service delivery and business process improvements across the enterprise. Capabilities include operational planning, process and organizational design, change management, and the effective application of various technologies.

Major features of Benchmark’s Real Time Enterprise Architecture:

  • Business Process Management

  • Business Activity Monitoring

  • Enterprise Process Portal

  • Integration & Connectivity

  • Information Management

  • BI & Analytics

Value Proposition

  • Leverages all organizational data, regardless of source, for any data integration

  • Seamlessly works with all data, regardless of where it comes from or where it needs to go

  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for costly and inefficient add-on data access and connectivity products

  • Speeds time to information by automating and simplifying the most common data access tasks

  • Speeds up the delivery of credible information by embedding data quality into batch and real-time processes

  • Reduces costly errors by preventing the propagation of bad data and correcting mistakes at the source

  • Keeps data current and accurate with regular auditing and cleansing

  • Standardizes data from multiple sources and reduces redundancy in corporate data to support more accurate reporting, analysis and business decisions

  • Adds value to existing data by generating and/or appending information from other sources

  • Rapidly generate data warehouses, data marts and data streams

  • Controls the cost of data integration and ETL design and maintenance

  • Creates ETL processes that are reusable, easily modifiable and have embedded data quality processing

  • Increase returns on existing IT investments by providing multiplatform scalability and interoperability

  • Provides a 360-degree view of data

  • Helps in saving money and resources as a result of improved revenue management, effective marketing and better business decisions

  • Availability of rapid query, analysis and reporting functionality required for successful business initiatives

  • Allows users to access multiple data sources and instantly transform the data into useful information for analysis

  • Support for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and Metrics

(ii). IT Governance through ITIL

Benchmark Softec IT governance helps in the alignment of IT initiatives with the business objectives set. Improving operational efficiency, project management and ensuring that enterprise's IT sustains and extends the organisation's business strategies and objectives. We adopt an ITIL-based approach to carry out assessment of information technology processes and practices of your organization. The IT Strategy practice also helps to envisage the future state of IT and optimise the current technologies for realising best business results.

(iii). Shared Services Consulting

Shared services provide an opportunity for almost every organization in the current economic crisis. Whether outsourced or captive, shared services organizations provide an attractive and proven option to reduce back and front office costs, while improving levels of service to customers and the business itself. This, in turn, provides a personal opportunity for shared services leaders themselves. The right shared services strategy will create value, reduce costs and provide flexibility.

With a growing competitive and flat business environment, shared services are now a potent tool for delivering internal organizational effectiveness and external competitiveness. Organizations are today challenged by operational inefficiencies and redundant and duplicated services across regions. Consolidation of common transactional processes into shared service centers is a key strategy to overcome these challenges.

Value Proposition

  • Improve liquidity - often implemented as a long-term solution, shared services can be used as a tool to help with immediate liquidity issues

  • Provide flexibility - mitigate the financial and operational risk, key transactional aspects of support services provided could be outsourced

  • Improve performance improve performance - proven shared services and outsourcing maturity models can help fine-tune the performance of an organisation
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